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SOS offer a range of class room based courses to help improve your skills with a more hands on approach, including both sales and technical areas. All courses are taught by fully-qualified instructors in both Manchester and Hampshire.

Our Most Popular Courses

See below our two most popular courses that we currently offer.

Wireshark SIP Trunk Analysis

Wireshark is the world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyser. It lets you see what’s happening on your network at a microscopic level.

This course is aimed at those who install and maintain IP Address Authentication and Registry based SIP trunks.

Networking Essentials

This course aims to help the delegate understand what a network is, how it works, why different protocols do different jobs, and what to do if devices either stop working or don't work at all.

It is focused on VoIP and how to talk the language of a network administrator or support technician in order to pinpoint a necessary network alteration. This is a practical course using Wireshark to back up the learning during a number of classroom exercises and relies upon the delegate to become more independent using self discovery.

Other Courses Available

Technical Support Skills

This course is designed specifically for support staff who handle a range of technical or product-related enquiries. It is important to recognise just how much of an impact any company's support staff will have on their customers, the impression given to these customers is vitally important in maintaining an ongoing relationship. With this in mind, this course focuses on making sure that calls are seamless and efficient and more importantly effective at getting straight to the heart of the customer's needs.

Introduction to Project Management

This course is designed to be informative and even more importantly allows the delegate to use a range of tools during a number of practical sessions. The delegate will see how important project management is in order to raise a company's effectiveness, improve customer satisfaction levels and an increased profit margin.

Well-Being and Productivity

In today's modern fast-paced world, it's very difficult sometimes to keep up and there are times that things seem like the pressures can be all-consuming. Pressure can lead to stress which affects a person's ability to function, which is why there is such a focus nowadays on well-being, in other words, being well! This course is aimed at anyone from Technical support to Sales and Marketing and if you feel that you'd prefer to thrive instead of survive, then this will be suited to you.

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