Cloudview’s next generation video surveillance system unifies, manages and securely consolidates smart triggered events from IP cameras in any location, 24/7 – to one web interface. Cloudview's technology reduces uncertainty, increases compliance, improves responses and so generates significant cost efficiencies.

Why Cloud Storage?


Cloud storage ensures that your data is always available to those with authorised access. If PC's servers or recorders are damaged, stolen or malfunction in any way, your data is still available and accessible because it is stored in the cloud.


Business needs change constantly. As your storage requirements change, cloud storage can be increased or decreased instantly. On-site hardware storage cannot be increased once it reaches its limit.


Physcial, on-site systems simply cannot compete with the level of security, cloud-based computing adopts as standard. In general, within Cloud computing, 'security' encompasses system security, privacy and permission, to ensure that a system is protected.

Why Choose Cloudview?

Simple | As Standard

Cloudview’s cloud-based video surveillance platform allows you to capture, store and manage visual data using the Cloud. In many instances, Cloudview can utilise your existing infrastructure and connect your analogue and/or IP cameras to the cloud, future-proofing your system and reducing the need for expensive capital investment. With flexible storage options and access to your footage at anytime, from anywhere, Cloudview’s cloud-based surveillance system places the control of your video security solutions at your fingertips.

Smart | As Standard

Cloudview’s cloud-based surveillance platform is designed to be smart. Compatible analogue and IP cameras can be programmed to detect and record specific actionable events - determined by your needs - and upload them to the cloud. Once an event has been captured and stored, automated notifications are sent to authorised personnel so that they can view and assess, from wherever they are, before taking appropriate action. The remote video surveillance system means all new features are automatically made available, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming on-site equipment upgrades.

Secure | As Standard

Cloudview is a cloud surveillance system company built from the ground up: British made technology with military grade data security at its heart, Cloudview’s remote cloud video surveillance system makes data compliance easy. You choose user permissions, camera functionality and data retention periods to suit your corporate governance policies, safe in the knowledge your GDPR obligations are met. Furthermore, the Cloudview platform provides you with time stamped, legally admissible footage when required, making it the best cloud based video surveillance system in the market today.


As a brand agnostic VSaaS provider, Cloudview is compatible with most market leading analogue and IP cameras and, in many circumstances, can utilise existing on-site infrastructure. No special hardware or software is required. Authorised users can immediately access your visual data from any internet enabled device, viewed via a single control console which works through your web browser, from any location, 24/7.

Core System Capabilities

  • Video storage in the cloud
  • 256-bit encryption
  • True HD
  • Analogue + IP compatibility
  • System health monitoring
  • Customisable reports on the status of your install base
  • Real-time notifications
  • Authorisation Management
  • Access 24/7 via web browser
  • False alarm reduction
  • Flexible storage options
  • Detection zone configuration
  • Legally admissible footage
  • Supports GDPR compliance

Versatile & Scalable

Cloudview’s VSaaS solution can operate as a standalone system or to compliment your existing system. It is scalable across multiple sites and equipment types and is applicable for 1-1000s of cameras.

Healthcare Buildings

Business Premises

Construction Sites

Education Campus

Housing Associations

Smart Cities

Compliant & Accredited

GDPR protects individuals’ data rights, privacy and freedoms. It’s broad scope includes visual data, and affects anyone deploying video surveillance, regardless of the size of the entity.

Cloudview’s CCTV cloud storage is built from the ground up, with data security and ‘privacy by design’ at its core. It is an effective way to manage visual data in the context of GDPR compliance and captured footage is stored safely on AmazonWS datacentres based in the UK; you can be assured that Cloudview supports your organisations GDPR obligations.

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