SOS Communications and Cisco are pleased to announce the release the new low cost 6800 series IP phones. This phone whilst it is an entry level phone on cost it has great features including Gigabit Ethernet switches, 4 SIP registrations.


Alongside the launch of this new product comes the great news that SOS Communications have been appointed Cisco DMR (Direct Market Resellers), one of only 5 in Europe for third party hosted telephony hardware.


Taking the lead on this we at SOS Communications have been the first globally to order in stock of the 6800 series, which are available to order for next day delivery.


SOS Communications lead the way by being the first to offer FREE provisioning on all 3PCC Cisco phones along with special discounts and 0% financing.

Priced to meet the market

The entry level IP phone costs from £54.50 and comes with free provisioning and is available with next day delivery. 


The new 6800 range consists of a choice to two phones, the 6841 and 6851. Both have clear 3.5” Grayscale Backlit displays with 4 Programmable Line Keys and 4 Programmable Soft Keys. With the 6851 also having PoE and EHS Support (AUX). Key Expansion Module provides 2 pages of 14 keys for extra flexibility (optional).


These phones will supercede the 2009 entry Cisco IP 504 and 514 phones, so keep an eye out for our displacement offer coming soon.



Colin Hepher

Picture: Colin Hepher (SOS) 

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